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Regensburg. Ducat, 1657. Fr-2466; Beck-424; Ancient gold coin

Regensburg. Ducat, 1657 gold coin

$3,700.00 Regular Price
$2,775.00Sale Price
  • nvesting in ancient gold coins allows you to secure part of your savings and diversify your investments. The Regensburg coin is among the favorites of investors wolrdwide and coin collectors.

    The current value of this particular coin is of more than 3700 USD but it is currently on sale. There are not more than 16 of this coin circulating worldwide. We currently have 7 of them on stock.

    The value of ancient gold coins increases rapidly year by year. This coin can easily be sold at any auction at its valued price or even higher, especially if you decide to let a couple of years pass before selling it.